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About Us

Who are we?

Who cares, with now 45 years in the wholesale and retail model kit trade, we know exactly what our customers want. Who we are is not our customers' concern. What you want IS. You want :

  • A better price.
  • More reliable supplies
  • Great service

What we do (here in Australia)?

Only plastic model kits, nothing else. Unmade new, old and some really old. No radio control, no wood, no railway, no toys and no die-cast. Just plastic kits, we buy, trade, swap, barter, but mostly sell the stuff, and heaps of it too.

Why are our prices so cheap?

We import most of our kits and because we now do not wholesale, we can pass the savings directly to you. Our operations are small, so our overheads are relatively low, thus cheaper prices for you.

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